“Astounded" before a spa with most beautiful view of the Han River - Cham Spa & Massage

“Astounded” before a spa with most beautiful view of the Han River

Da Nang, a tourist city famous for its long white beaches, modern and new works,  attractive destinations. However, if you choose to Danang, you should not “forget” Cham spa & massage, a place separate from the noisy, bustling city, the ideal destination for relaxation, resting for local and foreign visitors. The spa is more attractive by the mix of ancient Cham architecture with beautiful natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere.

The following reasons shall make you not hesitate to put Cham Spa on the list of certain points to come in this hot summer!


Nestled on the romantic Han River, with fresh air, Cham Spa & Massage enters the heart of travelers as a natural light and poetic, making anyone come here want to linger,  not only hours but also all day


This place here can be compared as a “poetry small corner of the yard and sky” so that the visitors who like to shoot so deep can endlessly own satisfied photos after a relaxing time in the treatment massage room.


Inspired by ancient Champa culture, from furniture to decorative items are arranged with the space is extremely hard to be confused with other places. 



Advantages of Cham spa is designed open, close to nature, wide open, cool due to the favorable location to catch the natural wind. Whether you visit the spa during the day or the evening, still feel the “way lost” love of itself.


The outdoor swimming pool with unique design offers a B-leisure experience (balance between work and relaxing). After a swim sated with pleasure, you can enjoy special recipe drinks here.


Cham Restaurant is always ready to serve delicious dishes inspired by local cuisine mixed with Western cuisine to meet the diverse needs of the visitors.

 Ảnh 8

For families with young children to accompany? Cham spa has a play area dedicated to children so that children can play freely without having to worry about anything.


Massage, soak the Red Dao medicinal herbs are considered “specialty” here. Like a special tour, many customers choose and see it as one of the best things to do when visiting Cham spa.


Cham spa is really an ideal stopover for your relaxing vacation, summer vacation and family. At any point in time, this place will always bring the nameless attractions, which makes people want to be back again and again

Cham spa & massage is open all day of the week from 10h -22h

Hotline: 0236 221 7777/ 0987 773 777

Website: Cham spamassage.com

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