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Best massage in Da Nang

Best massage&spa in Da Nang
Are you searching for the best spa to get some Spa services? You would like to get some massages and take care yourself at a high-quality Spa by professional and nice staffs? There are a lot of good Spas in Da Nang city, which make you hard to choose. Below is best Spa in Da Nang that can help you to have an overview about Da Nang spa and best spa for you.

Cham Spa and Massage locate nearby the dreamlike Han River. There, You will enjoy the style of ancient architecture of Cham people being neglected for almost 1800 years.

Service includes Spa and Massage health care services with traditional methods, soak and shower in precious Po Mu wooden cask with traditional herbs of The Dao Do People, steam, sauna, Jacuzzi heating pool. Besides, they also offer free food court and coffee with nutritious and healthy menu.
– You should order the reservation to have perfect service.
– Coming before your treatment in about 15-30 minutes is advised. You will be consulted the most suitable treatment or package. In addition, you can spend time to have a sight-seeing around breakthrough architect at Cham Spa.

Cham Spa&Massage
Tel: +84 (0511) 3 62 62 62 (ext: 105) – Hotline:+840917493597
Add: B2.9 Lot 3, Along Han River, Park SunGroup, Hoa Xuan Bridge, Da Nang

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