Coming to Da Nang, just don’t return home if still not come to Massage Cham: - Cham Spa & Massage

Coming to Da Nang, just don’t return home if still not come to Massage Cham:

Traveling, eating out is an excitement, also a time to reward yourself. Because of the pressure, the chaos of life that we almost forgot how “treat” ourselves? It is a reason for anyone, when coming to Da Nang, to relieve exhaustion of body and seek a sense of absolute relaxation, without delay to find a place that is very special evaluation in this city – Cham spa & massage!.


Simplicity is a difference.

Speaking of Cham spa & massage, no one can forget where the dew-damp bath and the traditional medicine massage of Red Dao people which is introduced for the first time in Da Nang as health care and relaxation. Visitors visiting the “city of the bridges” also rumor that: “Traveling Danang without trial” bathing the Red Dao and Cham massage “is considered not yet arrived in Da Nang. ”


Soaking the leaves with 38 esoteric traditional medicine leaf drug  of Red Dao (Sa Pa – Lao Cai) is considered as a quick, effective and at the same time, is is consideredas the “mystery drug for beauty because it has the effect of dilating the pores, “cleansing” the dirt accumulated for a long time, giving skin smooth. Combined with the sauna treatment of toxic waste discharge for the body and the traditional medicine massage with scientific standard massage, acupressure, press, making the impact on the muscles to help blood circulation, reduce fatigue, for the spirit of clarity and excitement.


This is a great way to reduce stress, fatigue and is extremely effective that most people would like to enjoy at least once when visiting Cham spa.

Unique relaxation space

Spread over an area of 4000m2, the largest in Danang, Cham spa & massage attracts visitors by unique style, standard mystery. Inspired by the ancient Cham culture, from furniture to decorative items are thoroughly researched by the spa owner with the extremely unique space, hard to be confused with elsewhere. This is also a highlight for visitors to get the “selfie” unique photos to send to relatives and friends.

This place divided into two separate room areas. The collective massage and sauna area, which is considered to be an extremely optimal solution for large delegations and family groups. The Vip area is suitable for individuals, lovers, couples wanting to relax private space. But above all, still the quality of service, surely good enough to please you.


At Cham spa, you do not need to worry about the activities of rest, eat, relax because each space here has its own facilities, offering many choices for visitors: At the spa, there is bar, restaurant beside the luxury swimming pool, serving full European and Asian menu, suitable for all tastes. The coffee garden, outdoor garden with the view of the beautiful Han River is a small corner to enjoy yourself in the nature, enjoy the fresh air, enjoy afternoon tea or sip tropical drinks. Additionaly, there is also a separate play area for children, the outdoor Gym area that will certainly keep in mind visitors unforgettable impression.

Cham spa & massage is open all day of the week from 10h -22h.

Address: B2.9, Lot 2 & 3, along Han river bank, Sungroup area, Hoa Xuan, Da Nang

Phone No.: 0236. 221.7777 .

A discount 10% when booking online through:



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