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Support treatment of freckles with Yag technology

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Most women wish a white, smooth tone skin. However, due to the impact of age, environment, genetic or hormonal changes, skin cosmetics … skin gradually appears dark freckles, skin loses bright, energetic. Although not harmful to health, freckles make women very upset about aesthetic issues.

Freckles treatment with high tech will fix 99% freckles situation on the face (Depending on each person). Freckles treatment with Yag Laser Technology of the appropriate wavelength will affect freckled skin in varying degrees. It not only fast fuzzy freckle skin, do not hurt the skin, but also helps produce more collagen to increase skin elasticity.


Advantages of support freckles treatment with Yag technology (depending on each person)

  • Absolute safety
  • Resurfacing the skin, shrink pores
  • No pain, no scarring

You can learn about Yag technology Here


Services Price for 1 time (VND) Price for 5 times (VND)
Half face 900,000 3,200,000
full face 1,300,000 4,700,000


Is Melasma skin treatment with YAG Laser technology safe?

YAG laser energy pulses can be found under continuous, high-performance, stable features, to help treat melasma safely, without causing skin damage. The laser goes through the skin surface only impacting on hyperpigmentation without causing any effect on the surrounding skin. Besides, modern technology also passed over all stringent standards of US FDA organization for safety and effectiveness in special deep melasma. (Depending on each person)

Does deep pigmentation grow back after treatment?

During the treatment process, YAG Laser technology will impact to beat root of pigmentation and reduce the creeping dark melanin in skin texture, for effective melasma. Besides skin is cared to become healthy, toned and prevent absolutely recurrence of pigmentation. (Depending on each person)

How long is treatment?

After only one course of 6-8 times treatment (each every 1 week), the dark spots on the skin pigmentation will be lost and replaced by a bright white, smooth and lush vitality skin. (depending on each person)

Step 1: Examination and consultation

Step 2: Clean treatment area

Step 3: Yag Laser

Step 4: Apply lotion after treatment

The therapy takes place 90 minutes.
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