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60-minute body massage

Duration: 1 hours  |   Treatment steps: 2  |   500.000 VNĐ Book now!
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Massge bring the circulatory body blood circulation , helps the body to be resilient , quickly recovering from the toil of life as well as more open skin , bringing firmness in the long term .

Body massage is a gentle physical impact on the body and skin , stimulates directly into the blood of the body , helps blood circulation , dispel tension fatigue. The skin will be stimulated to produce new cells as firming the skin surface , reducing the flow of paste to age. Moreover , massage therapy also helps the body to reduce illnesses such as fatigue knee joints , shoulders and back neck fatigue . When the body is restored comprehensive spirit will also add clarity to welcome a new work week . Be more energy for themselves with 60 minutes Does the body Massage Spa & Massage in Cham offline.

Vip room pay more 50.000 VNĐ

60 minutes
  • Step 1: Clean bath
  • Step 2: Uniterrupted massage of 60 minutes
  • Step 3: Cover with mask and compress wormwood
The therapy takes place 60 minutes.
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