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60 minute foot massage

Duration: 1 hours  |   Treatment steps: 5  |   500.000 VNĐ Book now!
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A long day passed , and your feet must not go back too much , but also locked up in the hot shoe . That is , make you feel tired and in the long run will lead to stress and imbalance in life . If you do not take the time to care for a reasonable and effective health will cause depression and quality of life significantly reduced . Cham Spa foot massage is the optimal solution to help you revive the vitality and relax feet .

Our feet are the home for many pressure points and nerves of the body important . So , once we mobilize feet too much , the pressure will impact directly on the nerves leading to fatigue , aches and pains . Foot massage services are proud that our solutions effectively reduces stress and safest in the relaxation therapies . You want to recharge , development of muscle flexibility , select Foot massage therapy spa Cham . Moreover , for women to sit at the computer for hours and then busy housework at home , spa services Cham Foot massage is extremely effective in the recovery and regeneration of the skin due to the effect stimulates blood circulation .

Spa & Massage Da Nang Cham promises to give you moments of relaxation possible. Thanks to the skillful hands of the massage team experienced will energize , offers dynamic so you can work all day with good spirits .

Foot Massage Spa & Massage Da Nang Cham help you relax – enhance health .

60 minutes
  • Soak foot with medicinal salt and ginger
  • Cover with mask
  • Uniterrupted foot massage
  • Compress wormwood and hot stone
  • Have a light meal ( porridge, soup, baby duck egg) fruit and nutrition drinks
The therapy takes place 60 minutes
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