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Slimming Technology

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We are one of the reputable spa centers in the health care and support skin treatment with high-tech. With years of experience in aesthetic dermatology, we understand very well the concerns about the skin of women. Cham Spa & massage bring your special service package of  RF Laser Slimming technology for those who are fed up with fat belly, oversized arms or “chubby”legs.

Advantages of traditional Massage combining with slimming mud in Japan

More than 90% of fat people just think they can reduce fat to own nice body. But the reality is not so, many people when slimming, despite losing weight large waist, hips still remain unable to obtain such good shape. So the biggest requirements posed is how can combine both slimming and bringing sleek form immediately.

Traditional slimming Massage combining Japanese mud which Cham spa & Massage offer has met the rigorous requirements of today’s clients. They are both effective slimming and bringing sexy S-shaped body. Because new slimming technology is the successor to promote the advantages of the old methods of slimming simultaneously with the additional strong convergence frequencies of computer technology as well as energy from human synthetic massage and depth acupressure techniques.

By the power of this versatile, RF Slimming Laser technology as “magic stick” dispels the fat accumulation, drains  excess fat in the body and prevents the possibility of back fat. So after 10 sessions you will reduce your weight as ideal and have the standard form with 3 harmonious balance round shape.


Services Price for 1 time (VND) Price for 10 times (VND)
Belly 600,000 4,000,000
Blind 600,000 4,000,000
Arm 400,000 2,800,000
mud 50,000

Step 1: Massage

Step 2: Infrared laser projector

Step 3: Ultrasound fat melting convergence

Step 4: Sucking toxic waste, toxins and excess fat of the excretory system

Step 5: Take the first multi-polar RF firming and slimming

Note: Surcharge 50,000 / 1 times when customers use hot mud wrap

The therapy takes place 120 minutes.
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