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Support treatment, acne, pitted scars, keloids, skin roughness fractional laser co2

Duration: 1.3 hours  |   Treatment steps: 4  |   1.700.000 VNĐ Book now!

Co2 Fractional Laser technology helps you “flatten” rough skin, remove scars, make the skin become white and smooth and healthy.

Beauty is the essential need of every man and woman so that all women in the world are called “ladies”. However, the skin is the first pride of the woman. Smooth bright white skin always makes a first glance of sympathy for those around.

But in modern life, environmental pollution, smog and sunlight, harsh weather in Vietnam are the cause of many hurted and damaged skin. Acne begins to appear, following a process of showing its power on the face, acne leave pitted scars crisscrossed which makes women become less confident. They are  afraid, afraid to communicate and go out to have fun, meet people, even take pictures … their lives lack the colors which is gradually replaced by anxiety, sadness when living with pitted scars.

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Pitted scars, scars are always so “obsessed” by many people because  this situation makes them completely lack confidence in communication and psychological affects.

Currently, there are many methods, measures of regeneration of skin damaged by pitting scars, in which efficient Co2 Fractional Laser technology for longtime scars at Cham Spa & Massage is an effective treatment solution of scars on the face, back quickly, effectively helping you own smooth bright white skin. (Depending on each person)


Do support acne scar treatments of Co2 Fractional Laser hurt?

Before carrying out the treatment you will be applied anesthetic on the skin surface so there is not the pain. After about 2 hours of the first treatment you will feel a little mercy mild, this feeling will quickly pass away and the skin will return to normal. It can be said that these technologies have been presented and applied by experts to provide you maximum comfort, so you do not have to worry about this issue (depending on each person)

How long can I see the effectiveness of this method?

You can feel the positive changes in the skin of your face immediately after the first treatment. Besides after about 4-6 weeks the body will continue to restructure collagen to bring the most perfect results, the long term effects of this will help you feel more confident with the perfection of your face.

How many times should scar treatment be applied? It depends on your scarring, usually about 4 to 6 times of Laser shot, every 3 weeks. (Depending on each person)

Results after treatment and things to note (depending on each person)

  • The skin problems such as: wrinkles, dull pigmentation, large pores are resolved.
  • Makes skin firm, smooth white even and more beautiful
  • Moisture balance, limit oily, dry and rough skin.


  • Avoid water in 2 first days when finishing the treatment
  • Keep the treated skin clean
  • Do not use cosmetics in the first week after treatment
  • Avoid direct sunlight on the treated skin

Step 1: Examination and consultation

Step 2: Clean treatment area

Step 3: Co2 Fractional Laser

Step 4: Apply lotion after treatment

The therapy takes place 90 minutes.
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