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Support treatment,keloids using micro needle

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Stem cells needle roller is a skin rejuvenation method using stem cell technology which is new in recent years. Point of operation bases on the principle of maximum leverage mechanism of self-healing of the body, stimulate the formation of new skin tissue, improves the condition of scars, acne, skin texture recovery from deep inside.

What is needle roller method?

Needle roller method is also known as increased collagen treatments, because of a special mechanism to help increase collagen production strongly, in order to overcome the defects of the skin in a natural and safe way. This method uses a wheel containing nearly 200 very sharp and small pinhead (about 0.07mm), length ranging from 0.2 – 0.3mm, made of stainless steel used in medicine. When rolling on the skin, skin reacts with this needle marks as hurting and create a variety of skin healing factors mainly including the development of skin tissue regeneration.


Needle roller in Acne treatment

The main reason causing acne scarring is sequelae of the acne skin condition. Acne scars are indentations expression, pitted skin that you can see clearly. Without proper treatment it would be risk of creating a scar. The mechanism of operation of the roller in this therapy is to take advantage of the mechanism of self healing of the body through a complex physiological impacts as follows: needle rollers will cause very small “fake injuries” to help promote cell without destroying them, stimulate and transform the skin cells to grow to keratinocytes – the top layer of the epidermis . Skin will be renewable, are filled and more beautiful. At the same time stem cells will be injected into the body to increase the production of skin cell, increase collagen and smooth, refresh and fill the pitted scar, concave scar and the treated skin area.

Needle roller In supporting skin rejuvenation treatment (Depending on each person)

  • Increase production of collagen, elastin

When a simple needle roller is based on mechanisms of healing wound  of the body. The very sharp and thin roller can not break down the tissues and membranes of the skin do not change. But the tiny needling creates fake injury to stimulate new cell proliferation, proliferation of collagen, elastin – two critical components to decide firmness of the skin.

  • Treating hyperpigmentation (melasma, dull …)

Pigmentation, dull skin are phenomenon of increasing Melanin when damaged skin ages. With its research, the Germany Research Institute of Pharmaceutical and Biology Technology shows that needle roller method increases the permeability of the product deep into the treated skin more than 1,000 times than conventional method, nutrients is put into the skin, nurturing skin, better repair skin, help treat skin pigmentation, dull … achieving the best effect.

advantages of stem cells needle Roller technology (Depending on each person)

  • This treatment is not harmful to the skin.
  • Stem cells have the ability to stimulate the repair process by dividing indefinitely without limitation to complement the different types of cells and are capable of producing new cells when transplanted into the appropriate environment.
  • After the needle roller skin will recover very fast and become more pretty because dead cells are pushed away and replaced with new skin.

How often should needle Roller be applied

Each treatment period was separated by at least 14 days

How long does skin Recover after needle roller? (Depending on each person)

After needle roller course customers’ skin will have a reddish phenomenon, this phenomenon will quickly fall in 1-2 days, depending on each person’s own vulnerability. To mitigate this situation three hours after treatment or the next morning at the latest you should protect your skin with sunscreen cream

You can refer to videos directly   here

Step 1: Check skin for guests to determine the status of the pigment Step 2: Makeup remover and cleanser Step 3: Mild antiseptic skin Step 4: Roller combines stem cells

Step 5: Clean the skin and apply nutrients

The therapy takes place 90 minutes.
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