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Tighten vagina

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After childbirth or at a frequency of multiple sex relationships, women’s vagina has started aging, dilation and accompanying increase in the vulva pigmentation. This is more or less to affect the sight of married life. Being a smart woman, you will always take care of yourselves to keep the family happy, especially during sex. Therefore, the need for rejuvenation, downsizing and lightening pink vagina has become more necessary with the modern woman.


If the vaginal surgery has limitations such as painful, laborious recovery, not coming back immediately to married couples living, the latest technology of tightening vagina without surgery with Fractional CO2 Laser will help to eliminate all concerns and bring effectiveness only after 30 minutes.

Effectively Immediately tighening vagina after the first time with Co2 Fractional Laser (Depending on each person)

  • Increase the elasticity of the vaginal muscles
  • Narrow diameter inside and outside
  • Reduce incontinent of urine
  • Toned and light pink vagina


Depending on each person

Step 1: Examination and consultation

Step 2: Anesthesia vaginal hygiene

Step 3: Co2 Fractional Laser

Step 4: Clean treated area

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