Spa “luxury”, “extremely beautiful” view that you must visit when coming to Da Nang - Cham Spa & Massage

Spa “luxury”, “extremely beautiful” view that you must visit when coming to Da Nang

Hidden with mystical and romantic beauty, cham spa & massage always attract visitors from the first look. Not only attractive by the unique architecture, Cham spa also makes people fascinated by the beautiful natural scenery that always enthral many visitors when they arrive here.


What is so attractive in Cham spa & massage? 

If you ask what Cham Spa Da Nang  has that makeyou love so much, you can only say in the shortest way: “Meet – Experience – Enjoy.” Just because it is simply a place for you please yourself, throwing behind the hustle and bustle of everyday life, get health care, be absolutely relaxed, have delicious food to eat, have beautiful views to see and have s space full of unique, mysterious to take dozens of beautiful photos forget the sorrow.


Possessing the advantages of beautiful natural scenery, architectural space with bold breath of Champa, together with the new amenities of a high standard spa: Outdoor swimming pool, Coffee, relax with romantic Han River view. The bar, restaurant with diverse menu, natural garden with children’s play area and Gym area for those who have needs. Cham spa has become an ideal destination for many visitors.


Cham spa is also specialized and special in unique health care treatments, not to be confused with any other place. People have always said that “massage” is the same at every place. But only those who have actually experienced can fully feel the new special things here: Massage in accordance with traditional medicine standard, carried out by the technicians trained by experts specialized in Vietnamese traditional medicine. The unique charcoal boiler system, soaking the red Dzao leaf in Po Mu wood with Sapa type 1, Sa Pa origin. That is what makes the Cham spa’s inherent features.


Space to search for peace …

If you are interested in the greenery of the trees, the romantic dream of the mountains, the Cham spa is a “not bad suggestion” for you. When you step into the special health care procedures here, close your eyes and feel the aroma of subtle oil, the winds rustling, the sun is scorching on the face, you just let yourself drift into that space, quiet to heart.


Many people who have come to Cham spa have to say that what a so peaceful the spa. People come here just to live the days so slowly, so lightly. That is also the reason whey this place is very suitable for people who want to find shelter, to soothe the wounds.


Among us, no one has never had bad days. Open your eyes to see tired, depressed, looking everywhere suffocating, so want to find the moment to relax. Go somewhere far enough to feel lighter. Many people go to Cham spa for that reason. “I’m so sad, I want to go somewhere!” “Oh, Cham spa & massage Da Nang, just straight up!”

Address: B2.9, Block 2 & 3, along Han river bank, Sungroup region, Hoa Xuan, Da Nang

Phone No.: 0236. 221.7777 .

A discount of 10% at once when booking online through:



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